Opening Hours

12h30 – 15h30

Sunday to Thursday
19h30 – 00h30
Friday and Saturday
19h30 – 01h30


Recently opened, Portarossa is a “pizzeria”, located in Rua Corte Real in Foz, that belongs to the group of restaurants that already own the well known Cafeina.

Inspired by the cool “Little Italy” feeling, this cozy space was idealized by Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda, it first opens on a terrace/garden by a huge red gate and tipper, brand image of this space and reason for being name Portarossa.

The wooden floor of the terrace flanked by the original stone wall, and decorated by bushes of rosemary accompanying the wall and enliven the disposition of stylish chairs and white tables, with contrasting khaki green walls and black awnings.

The inerior, where the different rooms are interconnected, sharing one agreeable and communicative with the exterior ambiance(outside environment).

In the main room , the dark brown floor, the tables in travertine marble tops and the Surpil’s chairs were designed by Julien-Henri Porché; the white walls of brick with the lamps belonging of the 30th decade belongs to the prestigious Lampe Gras, reflect the idealized atmosphere by the OITOEMPONTO of Arthur and Jacques.

Widely projected, Portarossa reveals a simple and sophisticated space, both at the same time, conceived to be a place for socializing without setting times where people of all ages feel comfortable and fun.

Rua Côrte Real 289,
4150-235 Porto, Portugal

TEL. +351 226 175 286
FAX +351 226 108 210


GPS 41.156599,-8.676625

Lunch from 12h30 às 15h30

Sunday to Thursday – 19h30 às 00h30
Friday and Saturday – 19h30 às 01h30


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